dissabte, 11 d’abril de 2009


Ara fa un any posavem un video amb un cas pràctic de la. Ara us paso la referencia de un article que explica com.
THE SPASO TECHNIQUE : The patient is placed in the supine position; the affected arm is grasped around the wrist or distal forearm and gently lifted vertically, applying gentle traction. While maintaining vertical traction, the shoulder is slightly externally rotated (fig 1). A clunk is heard or felt when reduction is done. If the patient experiences discomfort, they tend to lift the shoulder up off the bed. If this occurs, stop further movement of the limb but maintain traction. The pain will usually subside quickly and the patient relaxes. After a few minutes of gentle traction, reduction will usually occur. If difficulty is experienced, it may be helpful to use one hand to palpate the head of humerus and gently push it to assist reduction, while maintaining traction with the other hand.

Miljesic Spaso, Kelly AM. Reduction of anterior dislocation of
the shoulder: the Spaso technique. Emergency Medicine