dilluns, 14 de maig de 2012

Repassant un cas...examen de la estabilitat del colze. (Special Tests During Elbow Evaluation   http://youtu.be/9-xjNT3QlUc ). Recordar 2 test per avaluar la estabilitat en valg del llig col·lateral medial.

Milking maneuver and the moving valgus stress test.

1- The milking maneuver is done by pulling on the patient’s thumb with the arm supinated and the elbow flexed beyond 90º  creating a valgus stress.

http://youtu.be/HpwmRWJa5vY  Elbow - Milking manoeuver

2.- For the moving valgus stress test, the arm is taken to maximal external rotation of the shoulder while the milking maneuver is done. The elbow is then flexed and extended with the constant valgus torque, and the test is considered  positive when the medial elbow pain is reproduced and is maximum between 70º and 120º.

http://youtu.be/plk7G2s8V30 Moving Valgus Stress Test